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Tuition fees are reasonable in Canada.The Canadian Study Permit website is operated by Fogarty Law Firm, located in Montreal, Quebec. We offer professional legal services to help you, whether you need a first Study Permit, you wish to renew your Study Permit, and even to obtain a Work Permit during your courses or after graduation.

We offer different levels of professional service with various price options. For example, when you are ready to renew your Study Permit, contact us to see how you may qualify for a group discount.

Our professional legal services are available to help you for any Canadian province in any academic institution. We can help you out whether you are residing inside or outside of Canada.

If you are already studying in Canada, we can help you if you are facing legal or personal problems.

Important cautions: Canadian Immigration rules change very frequently. You cannot presume that what was ok for a friend or family member, or even what applied to your own situation in the past, will still be the rule today. 

In addition, even though application forms for Study Permits and student Work Permits may be available on-line through government websites, do not take them casually or expect to correct errors in your application later on.

Did you know? If you already have legal status in Canada and you make mistakes when trying to renew or change your status, your application can be denied and you may even face removal proceedings.

It is important to note that unless an official at your institution is a lawyer or registered immigration consultant, he or she cannot give you legal advice. To avoid problems, it is always best to have any applications reviewed by competent legal counsel before submission to the government authorities. Don’t take chances with your future.

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Work while studying

Work after graduation

Become a Permanent Resident

Different levels of service are available

Confidentiality of our legal services

Already studying in Canada, but face legal or personal problems?

I already started my file. Is it too late to use your firm?

Not sure where to study, or what program to choose?

Canadian Universities:  Top International Rankings

Canadian Universities:  Reasonable Tuition

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Study at McGill University in CanadaObtain or Renew your Study Permit

If you are a foreign student who is not a permanent resident of Canada, in most cases you must obtain a Study Permit to study legally in Canada.

Let Fogarty Law Firm provide you with the professional legal assistance you require. We have various levels of service available to suit your needs, and you may qualify for a group discount when renewing your Study Permit if you are in Canada.

Want to study in the Province of Quebec?

If you wish to study at a school, college or university situated in the Province of Quebec, in most cases you will be required to obtain a Quebec Certificate of Acceptance (CAQ) in addition to a Canadian Study Permit. Keep this in mind if you wish to study at a Quebec university such as Bishop's, Concordia or McGill, or at a Quebec CEGEP (college) such as Champlain, Dawson, John Abbott, LaSalle, Marianopolis, or Vanier.  Fogarty Law Firm can assist you with all required steps.

Work while studying

If you are a college or university level student, most Study Permits allow you to work part-time at your own institution.  In the past, permission to work off-campus was often hard to obtain.

Canadian Immigration policies have been reformed to permit qualified students to work off-campus throughout their studies, including during school terms and summer breaks.  Let Fogarty Law Firm help you obtain the necessary approval so you can work legally while holding a Study Permit.

Work after graduation

Depending on your situation, you may be permitted to obtain a Work Permit for up to three years following graduation.  We will examine your situation and assist you with all formalities.

Become a Permanent Resident of Canada

If you hold a Study Permit or a Work Permit, you do not become a Permanent Resident automatically.  Special procedures must be followed.

Recent changes in both the Canadian national and Quebec provincial immigration programs now encourage qualified students and/or workers to apply for Permanent Residency.  If you obtain a post-graduation work permit, you may well be on your way to becoming eligible to apply for permanent residency.

Fogarty Law Firm can analyse your circumstances to determine if you qualify under new rules and assist you to apply for Permanent Residency, in many cases without ever having to leave Canada.

Different levels of service are available

Fogarty Law Firm offers different levels of services to fit your budget and deal effectively with your needs. For example, we can help you prepare your entire Study Permiit application. If you are already in Canada and wish to renew your Study Permit, if you prefer we can simply review your application with you to ensure it complies with the legal requirments applicable for your situation. You might also qualify for a group discount. Remember that unless an official at your institution is a lawyer or registered consultant, he or she cannot give you legal advice.

If you are not yet in Canada and are not sure where to study, we can provide a full service package to help you to choose and apply to programs at schools in Canada.

Confidentiality of our legal services

The confidentiality of the legal services you obtain from the Fogarty Law Firm is protected under law as well as under our applicable codes of professional conduct.

Already studying in Canada, but face legal or personal problems?

If you are having difficulties, you need not feel all alone.  Here are examples of how Fogarty Law Firm can help:

I already started my file.  Is it too late to use your firm?

Not at all!  Fogarty Law Firm can take over your file at any point you wish, even if you applied on your own.  And if you retained someone to help you, you are not obliged to continue with the same individual.

Not sure where to study, or what program to choose?

Are you looking for a cool place to study?  You should consider Canada.

It’s not just winter that’s cool in Canada.  We have an amazing variety of outstanding academic institutions and study experiences all across the country. We can even offer a deluxe service to you to help you decide on your school and make your application.

Study in Canada - McIntyre Medical BuildingCanadian Universities:  Top International Rankings

Did you know that there are approximately 9,600 universities worldwide? If you comb the Internet you will find numerous university ranking systems. Among these, the QS World University Rankings (QS) is often cited as being complete and reliable.

In the most recently published rankings (September 2010), Canada was recognized with having 10 out of the elite top 200 of the world’s universities. This is an impressive accomplishment, considering that Canada’s population only numbers some 34 million persons.

McGill University, located in Montreal, Quebec, ranks as Canada’s best institution and number 19 overall among the 200 top universities rated worldwide. The QS uses many factors to arrive at its ratings, including reputation, research, comprehensiveness of programs, academic standards, quality and diversity of the students, among others.

The 10 Canadian universities which placed in the elite top 200 worldwide are shown below according to their ranking in the QS report:

19. McGill University, Montreal, Quebec
29. University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario
44. University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia
78. University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta
132. Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario
136. Université de Montréal, Montreal, Quebec
145. University of Waterloo, Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario
162. McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
164. University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario
165. University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta.


Work Permit for students in CanadaCanadian Universities:  Reasonable Tuition

On the financial side, Canadian college and university tuition costs are usually far more reasonable than those at US schools, even considering the premium charged for international students.  In fact, you may save 50% or more by choosing a Canadian institution, depending on your program of studies. 

When you add in the comparatively reasonable cost of living in Canada, your savings can well amount to many thousands of dollars every year of your program. You owe it to yourself financially to give Canada very serious consideration when choosing your program and place of study.

If you are a parent, imagine the savings, especially if you have more than one child at or near college and university age.

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